Western Royalty Chair and 1/2


Great Blue Heron's "Western Royalty" Chair and 1/2 features our popular embossed "Regal" leather in the "V" insert on the inback and in the center of the window frame seat cushion. On both sides of the "V" insert is Brazilian cowhide with the white portion of the hide used to accent the "V".  The rest of the chair is covered with our popular distressed "Buffalo" leather.  As with any of our furniture the "Western Royalty" chair and 1/2 can be customized to your size requirements and upholstered with any of our leather and hide selections.

Dimensions: 60in. × 40in. × 42in.


These items are just a sample of what we do. We can customize all orders please call or email us about furniture options, prices and shipping.