Pops of Western Flair without Changing Your Design Style

June 11, 2018

Pops of Western Flair without Changing Your Design Style

You’re torn. It happens. You so desperately want to add a cowhide rug to your home, but you think it might be a tad too rustic for your home’s current contemporary style.

Don’t fret just yet.

You can have the best of both worlds.

Gone are the days where you need to live in a mountain lodge or a ranch house to need a reason to incorporate the rugged elegance of western style into your home.

Reclaimed Wood

Thanks to that cute couple from Waco, the farmhouse trend has become a highly sought after style. And one of the center pieces of farmhouse decor is reclaimed wood.

But integrating reclaimed pieces into your home doesn’t have to be limited to western or farmhouse décor. You can easily mix these features into a variety of settings.

These reclaimed wood sofa tables can look fantastic behind a couch, or even in a hallway.

Here, the decorator gives their guests a great first impression with a reclaimed wood entryway table.

Source: beckiowens.com

Antlers and Horns

Antlers and horns – both real and fake – have big design appeal and have become an incredibly popular accessory. You’re probably seeing them everywhere, and if you hadn’t noticed them before, you will now.

Horn lamps like this one are making their way into contemporary, modern and even transitional design.

And in this living room, the horn lamp adds a touch of drama and edge to an otherwise cozy and colorful living environment.  

Source: INSIDEOUT.com

Antlers and skulls can even provide an element of surprise when used the right way. You probably wouldn’t expect to see antlers in a minimalist bathroom, but there they are, and they really work with the bare bones approach to décor.

Source: Shelterness


Adding cowhides to any style of home décor is easily done. You can throw them on a floor, or on the wall, and they can be used in just about any room of the house. Cowhides come in many different colors and patterns (because so do cows), which make them great decorating pieces because they can be matched to pretty much any style of décor, not just western-themed.

Source: dearlillieblog.com


There’s a certain softness that comes from adding a simple sheepskin or cowhide pillow to your living room. Cowhide pillows can also work well as accent pieces. This home’s touch of coastal contemporary flair pairs subtle tones with a pop of contrast from the black and white cowhide pillows.  

Source: itsnotheritsme.com

Western-style pieces can add dramatic touches, or can even soften the appearance of a modern industrial setting. They can lighten the mood in traditional décor and can add edgy, unique focal points to a minimalist setting.

And if done right, you won’t have to sacrifice your preferred style to incorporate rugged western décor accents into your home.

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