Decorating with Cowhide – The Possibilities are Endless

May 28, 2018

Decorating with Cowhide – The Possibilities are Endless

If you think you won’t be able to work cowhide into your current décor, think again. Cowhide rugs are trending big in interior design. Cowhides are versatile, add warmth, and can go in any room of the house.

And they aren’t just for the floor anymore.

Cowhide Rugs

Yes, this is probably the most obvious location for cowhide placement, and it’s likely where most people  put them.

Cowhides make great rugs. They are soft, durable and timeless. But go beyond the living room and think big. Cowhides can work in any room of the house. 

Cowhide in Your Kids’ Room

Add whimsy to your child’s nursery with a cowskin rug. Your child will love how soft they are, and you’ll love the refined look. Pinterest is loaded with ideas for adding cowhides in your baby’s room.

In the Dining Room

A cowhide rug can also look fantastic under your dining room table or in your kitchen nook.

Source: The Every Girl

Pile Them Up
Layer your cowhide with a contrasting rug to achieve a warm, cozy feel, or even layer multiple cowhides.

Source: Young House Love

Use Cowhide Rugs with Any Decorating Style

You don’t need to own a lodge-style cabin to have an excuse to incorporate cowhide into your décor. Add a touch of rustic elegance to your modern home with cowhide.

This black-and-white speckle cowhide would look great with a black leather sofa or even a white couch and could provide an elegant contrast to the pronounced, crisp lines often found in modern furniture.

Or, for a bolder statement, consider going with this Brazilian cowhide in zebra print. This fun print has endless potential – use it in your kids’ safari-themed nursery or playroom for a pop of color and a soft, fuzzy place for your baby to practice their crawling skills.  

Source: Décor Pad

Put Your Cowhide on the Wall

No floor space, no problem. Cowhides are big these days in décor, so we’re starting to see them make their way onto the walls (and even on the ceilings)!

Room locations can range anywhere from entry ways to bathrooms. So there’s plenty of room for creativity!

Try hanging your cowhide behind a painting to create depth and interest to a wall.

Source: JOEBE.ME

Or turn your cowhide into a western headboard and add interest to your bedroom. Add a cow skull for a more dramatic effect, or soften the look with a dreamcatcher.

Source: Cowgirl Magazine

Cowhide Pillows

Maybe a large cowhide skin is a little too much for your space. Perhaps you don’t have enough room for a full skin, or you just want to use cowhide as an accent piece. Solution: Cowhide pillows.

These cowhide quadrant pillows come in white and grey and would work well in many style settings, whether in a rustic, western-themed setting or among polished classic décor.

More Cowhide Accent Pieces

Cowhide comes in all shapes and sizes, and that includes as coasters. No Texan’s house is complete without this set of Texas-shaped cowhide coasters or boot coaster set.  

There are unlimited opportunities for decorating with cowhide. The key is to be creative, and don’t hold back.


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