Great Blue Heron offers a nearly endless array of sofa options. Our standard sizes are  92" (standard sofa), and 105" (oversized sofa). We also build several configurations and sizes of sectional sofas.

On any sofa you may choose between "tight-back" styles or "loose-back" styles, in general, loose back styles are more expensive as they require more leather to upholster. Tight-back styles of sofas are offered with a divided in-back, meaning a separate type of leather may be inserted as a large open "V" shape in the middle of the in-back. This gives a great look and adds interest and customization options to our sofas.

Sofas can also be custom length, this is especially important in sectionals where you may choose the right or left portion to be longer. The number of seat cushions depends on the length of the sofa, in general, anything 105" or longer will have 3 seat cushions and anything under will have 2 seat cushions. Great Blue Heron sofas also have all of the other custom options including leather and hide selection/placement, nail heads, fringe, stitching, and cushion type.