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The Stotler Spectacular

This gallery is long overdue. We have had the pleasure over the past 5-6 years to build a number of beautiful pieces for the Stotler family, and we just delivered the newest pieces last week.  And we had to showcase the history of designs we have had the honor to build for Mr. Stotler and his lovely family.  Many thanks again to the Stotler family for their amazing patronage to us over the years and for allowing us into their beautiful country home to take photos of the furniture.

Click links below to see product pages, or connect with us to answer any questions about re-uphostering or re-designing any of these pieces to fit your unique taste.  Here we go!

First up is a classic design of our Chesterfield Love Seat featuring tufted Kodiak Bear (Buffalo) leather.  A perfect addition to an living room, den, lounge or bedroom!

Talk about the perfect safe social distanced sectional :)  The whole family can relax and still be just the right distance apart. We are only kidding, but this Chesterfield Sectional Sofa features Terelli Cognac leather, and was the biggest version of this particular sofa we have built.  We can build any size and configuration of this sofa as you can see in the diagram on the product page.


Husband and wife needed a comfortable place to relax and a long day in their bedroom, and chose a timeless design in the Lancaster Chair and 1/2.  Featuring Cora Sierra leather, this piece is universal in its appeal and complimentary style to a wide array of color schemes.


The Stotlers asked us to do something a little different for us on these chairs.  Instead of building them from the frame up, we were contracted to re-upholster them.  The frame these chairs sit on is very similar to our Canyon Dining Chair, and we can easily match the set up seen here, or any other material(s) you would prefer.  Shown here is Cora Sierra leather with Light Exotic Brindle hair on hide.  Re-upholstering is something we can offer on basically all existing designs you have, contact us today to discuss your particular re-upholstering project!


Step into my office! Not because we need to do any business, but just sit down because these chairs are so damn comfortable :)  

Behind the desk you have our Western Royalty Executive Chair with Kodiak Bear (Buffalo) leather and brown and white hair on hide, on the other side you have not only the perfect Yellow Lab companion on any duck or dove hunt, and front and center two namesaked Stotler Lounge Chairs with Berkshire Bourbon leather that creates a beautiful distressed look over time.

Looks like the house was built for this ottoman, right?  Just kidding, we built it to fit the house.  This is a version of our Hondo Rectangle Ottoman with an embossed saddle insert of Venetian Triumph, and dark exotic brindle hair on hide across the remainder of the roll top.  This is a perfect piece for an inset type area in your home, next to a sofa or love seat, or a compliment to a pair of chairs.

These were the first pieces we ever built for the Stotlers.  Mr. Stotler still has coffee every morning in these chairs.  Can you believe they are already 5+ years old?!  This is an offshoot of the most popular chair we have ever built (The Santa Fe Wingback) we call the Railroadman's Wingback Chair.  It features Kodiak Bear leather on the outside arms and front posts with brown and white speckled hair on hide on the inside and seat cushions, and finally medium exotic brindle hair on hide on the inside ears and roll arms.  As you can see these chairs make a bold and beautiful statement in any great room, library, den, etcetera.

This was a piece we built for the Stotler's in 2019.  As we did with the lounge chairs in the office, we felt it was only right to use their namesake.  Here is the Stotler Sofa.  Featuring the same leather we used on the lounge chairs, Berkshire Bourbon, this is a timeless sofa look and design that fits gracefully into pretty much any home western to contemporary or anywhere in the middle.

 Here is the last piece from the Stotler Spectacular.  This is a version of our Mesa Rectangle Western Leather Ottoman featuring medium exotic hair on hide with Kodiak Bear (Buffalo) leather on lower rail.  This was the families previous home, as you see the Stotler Lounge Chairs with Berkshire Bourbon leather shown here again.  

Many thanks again to the wonderful Stotler family for their patronage and kindness allowing us into their home.

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