Shipping Methods

At Great Blue Heron we take extensive measures to make sure your piece of furniture reaches your doorstep in perfect condition.  There are four options for furniture shipment.

Delivery:  Depending on your order size and proximity to our Austin warehouse we may be able to deliver your furniture in person.  This is a very safe way to receive furniture as it will be delivered in one of our carpeted box trailers directly to your door.  Costs associated with this vary by order size and destination.  Please call us for specifics.

Customer Pick Up:  We are happy to have you out to our Austin location to pick your furniture up in person.  We recommend bringing an enclosed trailer if one is available. If not, just be sure to bring all of the necessary straps to tie your furniture down. Please call to schedule a time to pick your furniture up.

Standard Ground Shipping:  If you have ordered pillows or accessories, we will carefully box your items and ship them FedEx directly to your door.  We will provide a copy of the FedEx receipt and add that amount to your order total.

Oversized Ground Shipping:  If you have ordered furniture items and are not in our delivery area, we will be shipping your furniture via common carrier; our preferred carrier is Old Dominion Freight.  Each piece of furniture is bagged and placed into a custom sized heavy gauge cardboard box with a 3/8" plywood bottom.  The delivery truck will come directly to your door.  There are a few different options for payment on this type of shipment, please contact us for specifics regarding your particular order.

There are many variables to shipping large furniture orders; we do everything we can to ensure your furniture is delivered in a timely and safe manner while still keeping cost to a minimum.  For specific pricing on your order please call 866-247-9688 or email us.