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The Jones's

Our amazing client Kellie needed a few pieces to outfit both their great living space, and a conversational/reading area near the dining area.  The chose to design a number of pieces that started with a 10 Foot version of our Maverick II Sofa. The darker Walkabout Croc Vintage Black accent material blends in perfectly with Galveston Vintage base leather, and a beautiful dark exotic brindle cowhide wrapped around the entire back of the sofa is the really the showstopper of these pieces.  Sitting in the middle of the room for all to see is the perfect stage for this design.

Set at either end of the sofa sits (my personal favorite chair we build) matching Maverick II Swivel Glider Recliners.  With the natural light and large windows in the Jones's great living space, the versatility of these chairs work perfectly.  We also built them two small cube cowhide ottomans to pull in and out as needed for a foot rest (sitting just left of fireplace, third photo below).

For the last piece of this project, the Jones's wanted two matching chairs for a reading/conversation area near their dining space.  They chose our Santa Fe Oversized Wingback chairs but switched the accent material to our newer Gator Hornback Rustic Cognac to brighten up the look just a touch with the lighter tones in the dining area.  

Many thanks to Kellie for trusting us to build these beautiful pieces for their gorgeous home, and more so for her willingness to share all of these wonderful photos with us!


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