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Various Projects 2021

We have completed a number of smaller projects recently and wanted to combine them into one larger gallery share.  Click links shown to see each piece shown in the above photo.  As always, please call us 866-247-9688 or email us at with any questions or to begin your design project today!

Our customer The Davies from Idaho needed a couple accent chairs to fill out their beautiful living space. They chose our Bronco Barrel Western Cowhide Chairs and chose Jupiter Saddle for the base leather and paired it with our Exotic Dark Brindle with White Cowhide.  Two lumbar pillows to finish off the chairs, and the end result in a beautiful and eminently comfortable piece to spend time with family and friends!


Our customer Renee from Lacrosse, WI wanted a few pieces to set up her parlor room for her grand opening at Frontiers Boutique.  Located At 225 Main Street in Lacrosse, WI, she's set up for success with these showstoppers.  The Maverick 3 Cushion Western Leather Sofa, Maverick Love Seat, Brompton Oversized Wingback Recliner, Reclaimed Storage Coffe Table w/Key, and a Dark Exotic with White Cowhide Rug create a super comfortable and stylish living or parlor space.  If you are in the LaCrosse, WI area please stop in and say hi to Renee for us, and maybe even buy a piece or two from her while you're there :)

Next up is an accent ottoman we built for our customer Melissa from New Jersey.  She chose to design the Cowhide Medium Ottoman with a Dark Exotic Brindle with White & Kodiak Bear Flat Leather around the bottom rail.  We could design this ottoman with any leather/cowhide combination of your choosing, imagine it like a blank canvas!

Our lovely customer Andrea asked us to build an accent chaise lounge for the original Hill Country Chaise Lounge we had built her in the past.  She chose the Albuquerque Turquoise Western Leather Chaise Lounge to add a beautiful pop of color to compliment the existing chaise.  The new chaise features Mont Blanc Carribean flat leather, Venetian Triumph accent leather on the head rest, and a beautiful light exotic brindle with white on the sides. She said next up is a red leather one, and we can't wait!

Chaise lounge fiesta!  Our awesome customer's the Hooper's needed the perfect reading spot in their beautiful library with a matching lumbar pillow.  They chose the Longhorn Chaise Lounge which features a custom embroidered Longhorn emblem on the round yolk with croc accent leather, Kodiak bear leather on the side panels and foot rest area, then a beautiful dark exotic brindle with white back bone on the main body panel.  We could customize this piece with any other leather and cowhide combination of your choosing.

Our wonderful customers The Hildebrandt's from Florida asked us to build some colorful pieces for the new living room and bedroom.  They chose the Bayou Turquoise Sofa and changed the accent leather Croc Copper Brown to Aged Gator Egyptian in the middle insert on the inside tight back cushion.  The ottoman to match the sofa is based on our Hondo Rectangle Ottoman and again changed the middle insert on the top of cushion to Aged Gator Egyptian. Both pieces have a beautiful Light Exotic Brindle on the front posts & bottom rail, and bottom rail, respectively.  Lastly, the chose our beautiful River Rock Lounge Chair to accent their bedroom. 

For any questions on customization for these or any other pieces, please call us at 866-247-9688 or email!

Check back soon for more design gallery posts!


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