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Great Blue Heron sources leathers directly from tanneries and dealers from around the world. Our hair-on cowhides are exclusively Brazilian. The specific tannery we deal with down there has been producing our hides for more than 20 years. They produce thick, soft, chromium plated cowhides with vibrant colors and consistent feel. Our flat leathers are almost all full aniline and are all top grain. We use wax finished leathers, oil finished leathers, and hand rubbed finish leathers.
Please watch our educational video below that highlights the differences between these three main types of materials:
Call us to discuss any of the specifics on our leather selections and to find out what might work best for you, we are more than happy to send you leather samples so you can see and feel the options in your space. Any of our leathers if shown in a traditional furniture store would be among the highest grades available.  You can browse our flat leather, embossed accent leather, and hair on cowhide libraries by clicking the links.