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Various Projects Jan - Apr 2023

We are fortunate enough to compile a number of customer sent in photos showcasing a number of smaller projects we completed recently and wanted to create a gallery to share them with you!

The Guinn's

They needed a sofa and loveseat set for their living space, and they chose to start with our Maverick Sofa design, but switched both the base and accent leathers to match their space. Cora Brown base leather and Gator Hornback Rustic Cognac are featured on these pieces.

The Myer's

Mr. Myer's needed pieces to outfit his dining space, and the adjacent living space in the beautiful downstairs area of their luxurious mountain log cabin home.  For the living space, we designed a version of our Buffalo Rustic Lodge Double Recliner featuring Palio Chaps base leather, Croc Brompton accent leather and a Croco Red secondary accent material to complement the designs between the dining chairs (see further below) and larger double reclining love seat piece. The Myer's chose to use a beautiful light exotic cowhide wrapped around the back of the love seat and also the matching Wingback Chair aside it. 

The Myer's chose a dining chair design to match these two pieces above to bring everything together featuring Palio Chaps leather again with the Croco Red round yolk on the inside back cushion, and a beautiful light exotic cowhide emblazoning the back of the chairs.

The Hamilton's

Our lovely customer Greta wanted a couple of recliners for their bedroom sitting area, one being our versatile swivel glider recliner design and the second being our cozy Oversized Wingback Recliner.  She went with the material design shown on our White Cowhide Recliner featuring Kodiak Bear base leather, Aged Gator Egyptian accent leather with a beautiful light exotic cowhide wrapped around the outside of both chairs.

The Sterchi's

Kim needed a new loveseat for her lonely living room wall, and she designed a slightly larger 84" beautiful version of our Ranch Foreman Love Seat by adding more cowhide to the inside back.  This piece features Galveston Vintage base leather with Gator Hornback Rustic Walnut accent leather and dark exotic brindle with white cowhide.

The Burleigh's

Our local Dripping Springs clients needed a couple of comfortable and versatile chairs for their living area, and chose to utilize my favorite chair, our swivel glider recliner to achieve what they were looking for.  Utilizing Relic Toast base leather and Aztec Turquoise Brown accent material with a brown and white speckled cowhide around the back of the chairs.

The Stockebrand's

Our clients were looking for a new living room set to fill out their beautiful modern farmhouse living space.  They designed a sofa, chair and a half, and matching medium cowhide ottoman based on our Maverick Collection utilizing Galveston Light Brown base leather and Gator Hornback Rustic Cognac accent leather and medium exotic with white cowhide emblazing the front facing posts lower rail, and entire outside placements.

The Thorstenson's

The Thorstenson's needed a new sofa for their cozy living space and chose our Maverick II Sofa to fit the bill. The sofa, featuring Galveston Vintage base leather, Walkabout Croc Vintage Black accent material with exotic dark brindle with white cowhide fits perfectly into the rustic designed living space.

Many thanks to all of our amazing clients for their willingness to share these beautiful photos with us!  Please reach out to Lee or Mat at 866-247-9688 or schedule a free consultation with them HERE to start designing piece(s) for your special project today!



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